OH1A3369 (2)Sherry Bakhtian, Ph.D., PCC, owner of Bakhtian Creative Solutions, LLC, is a Certified Success Unlimited Network® (C.S.C.) coach (an International Coach Federation accredited program) as well as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC certification through ICF). Her focus in her coaching sessions is to create the appropriate and safe space to bring awareness for the client to achieve self-mastery in all situations. In addition to her private practice, she currently works under contract as a Lead Coach for BetterUp, where she supports managers and individual contributors to improve their leadership skills and become more engaged and motivated at work.

Sherry’s unique qualities include her training as a Ph.D. scientist, which helps provide tangible and more concrete processes and thinking in her coaching. She also has worked in the corporate world for 12 years which is an added bonus to her corporate clients who want a better, more satisfying life and career. Sherry’s creativity and intuition are assets to her coaching style and a definite plus when facilitating discussions in groups or just coming up with alternative ways to look at everyday challenges with her coaching clients.

She is also an author who published her book: Stripped Down To The Core, about bicultural professional women going through various transitions in May 2012.

Sherry’s focus is on shifting consciousness to eventually bring more joy and creativity in people’s lives. She believes that every client is unique and uses her creativity to design a program that fits her client’s needs. Her coaching sessions are face to face, by phone, or video call.


Sherry works with her clients on three levels of awareness:

  1. What’s happening?
  2. Your reaction to it (physical, emotional and mental)
  3. Your awareness of both 1 & 2

With practice, the goal is to spend more time in level 3. In this way, you can be the producer, director, and actor and not just a reactor in your life and its circumstances.

When working with employees in organizations, she employs 360 evaluations and assessments as a platform for conscious leadership development.

Personal Statement

My education as a scientist and experience in the corporate space were training grounds for the work I do as a coach that truly inspires me every day. Having spent many hours of my day being productive and trying to perfect my skills, I understand the pressures professionals face at work and the sacrifices they make for their careers, to move up, have a greater impact, make a difference and create high-quality products. Coaching, for me, is the opportunity to connect and co-create a safe space for conversations that most people don’t have in a day’s work. One of the privileges of coaching that I never take for granted is the opening to hear about my client’s deepest desires, and what excites and motivates them most. Once these aspirations are shared, the coaching process helps bring them to life.