Stripped Down To The Core:

A guide for professional, bicultural women seeking to live an authentic life

This book is written for the professional, bicultural (born into one culture and living in another) woman who is experiencing the pangs of a life or work transition.  Suddenly, the path that she has followed for so long does not feel stable or comfortable anymore. When she realizes that she must leave the old path, and those around her do not support her decision, she may find herself alone and feeling lost on her new journey toward true self-discovery of her authentic self.

coverThe purpose of this book is to guide the professional bicultural woman through this crucial life transition by providing simple and easy to use tools, a fresh perspective, and support on her journey. Stripped Down To The Core is about exposing the core of who you are, and creating a healthy space between you and where your stories have pushed you to go.

This woman typically is an overachiever who defines herself by her accomplishments. She is afraid to release behaviors and emotional responses that do not serve her anymore, because she is afraid of losing herself. This guide shows her how to let go of these old habits, precisely for the purpose of finding her authentic self.

Stripped Down To The Core is written by a professional, bicultural woman who learned the hard way how to let go, to help smooth the road for others on the same path. The author, Sherry Bakhtian, Ph.D., is currently a consultant for a corporation, where she supports managers and executives with effective career transitions coaching.

You can buy Stripped Down to the Core on May 1, 2012 and begin your own journey toward living the authentic life that you always dreamed of living. Buy paperback book on Amazon, or Kindle e-book from or buy the book on CreateSpace (by Amazon) on May 1!