“Thank you, Sherry! Your coaching has helped me tremendously. One thing I especially appreciate about your coaching style is that you take the time to truly listen. You have a keen understanding of who I am, and you help me to quickly work through life and career challenges and to discover effective solutions that I either might not have learned on my own, or certainly would have taken years longer to learn than I do with your guidance. As a business owner, I don’t have years to solve many of the challenges that I face on a daily basis.

I have recommended you to my sister, an IBM executive, and that is the highest praise that I can give anyone. I really appreciate you.”

K. White

“Your coaching helped me find myself and I didn’t even know I was lost. All I did know was that I was so scared of being divorced and I didn’t know why. I really wanted inner peace and I didn’t know how to obtain it. Now I know how to really look into myself to find that inner peace.

You also showed me how to use the ‘power tools’ to fix myself. The power tool of ‘trusting myself, having no expectations, forgiveness and letting go.’ It seemed to work like magic, when I used these tools. I just applied them to my life and then things worked out effortlessly.  It’s like the difference between using an axe and using a chainsaw to cut down a tree. They both require work, but the power tool seems to use less effort yet obtain quicker results.

What made you unique was that you not only really listened to me but you recognized my needs. You somehow knew I needed to forgive myself for all the mistakes I made. You reminded me that to forgive myself first, I was able to forgive others. You were so detailed. You took notes and referred to them. You made me feel cared for.”


“Thank you so much for helping me let go of my baggage.  You helped me connect all those dots that made no sense.  You made me realize what was holding me back and also imparted lessons for a lifetime that I can use.  All I want to say is you truly ‘create a space.'”

M. N.

“After being downsized I learned survival skills and new ways of thinking and preparing for my next personal and professional steps to achieve success in ways I never thought I could thanks to Sherry’s results oriented coaching.

My experience far exceeded my expectations and I only wish I could have benefited from this coaching earlier in my career. I can honestly say that it would have taken me years to achieve on my own what I was able to achieve in six months working with Sherry. This has been the best investment in myself in my adult life. I would recommend Sherry’s coaching to anyone looking to make a career change, accelerate career growth, gain new clarity, or change their way of thinking. In these current economic times our greatest investment is in ourselves (our own greatest resource) to make this a time to grow and flourish in new areas of opportunity and valuable growth that will lead to optimal success.”

M. M.

“Most people do seem to be afraid of me or just don’t know how to be present with me and not try to fix me or rearrange me in some way. You are one of the few who can really hear me and “get” me and can sit with me in this stuff. Thank you for your encouragement, your belief in me, your ability to see me and see a bigger context as well. Your kind presence is very welcome to my soul.”

M. C.

“Being coached by you was such a meaningful experience for me in all aspects of my life. I knew what I wanted my life to consist of, but wasn’t sure how to get there. With using the right tools, having affirmations, and the confidence to ask for what I want, opened up many doors in my life. I learned I am responsible and have control over my well being. To start my day on a positive note, I start it with my affirmations. And the added bonus, I met a special person. Thank you.”

V. G.

“It was during the introductory coaching session that I realized that this would be an opportunity I couldn’t pass up to organize my life. Coaching gave me the time to learn more about myself. Sherry provided me with the guidance and tools to truly find MY passions and pursue them with confidence. It has left me inspired and I continue to use what I have learned every day.”

A. R. D.

“You did the perfect thing– you never knew what was going to show up for each session, but you came up with something helpful even if it was a big departure from your plan.”

D. E.