“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”


— Kenneth Blanchard


Organizations interested in helping their employees develop their leadership presence and become high impact leaders invest in their rising leaders. I will work with employees from a wide range of businesses who want to succeed and enhance their executive presence, and attain tangible results. I focus on an individual’s inherent strengths to leverage areas for development that are in alignment with the organization’s vision and mission.

Individual professionals who want to become better leaders, managing change through building their resilience and ability to influence and lead should consider investing in themselves. Professional coaching is about partnering with individuals in a non-judgmental and safe space to help bring clarity and support during leadership development challenges. I help professionals become coaches to their teams and motivate their staff so they can be free to focus on more strategic goals and gain clarity on what the future can be.

Self-aware, self-actualized, and creative individuals are successful in part due to their emotional intelligence, curiosity, appreciative approach, and ability to balance their work and life. Personal development coaching will shed light on what might be getting in the way of their sense of fulfillment and success. I work with individuals who want to exercise their creativity, sense of purpose, and motivation to become more resilient, achieve tangible results and have outstanding impact in all aspects of their lives.

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“Whatever you’re ready for is ready for you.”

— Mark Victor Hansen